It was back in 2005 maybe even four when Jimmy Wilson became responsible for the word “Steeze” (style with ease) to be used in Mountain Biking. If urban legend serves me rightly, he “over whipped” his Downhill bike over the “Forty *” (foot jump) in Christchurch in front of a large crowd at a Nationals event. Someone in the crowd yelled out, “that kid has some Steeze!” and it has stuck ever since. Jimmy Wilson has Steeze.

Jimmy Wilson is also filmers dream, he can ride a downhill bike as fast as anyone and then at the end of the day he can then shred with the dirt jumpers; probably on a borrowed bike. He has the right amount of attitude which is perfect if you’re going to push it as hard as he does. But when the call is made to go filming, he’ll be there 5 minutes early, ready to go, dressed to impress, with a quiver of bikes.

So what better person to give some tips on how to get ready for filming a section for your next feature film or just for your own personal memories.  (Ill chime in a little too from a filmers perspective.)

JW- You want to know what you’re gonna do before you ride the section. Eye it out, there’s always gonna be the odd unexpected cuttie* but having line choice on point will make the riding look hot and fast. That’s for DH, dirt jumping’s pretty consistent with same line/tricks each run through the set.
PR- When your filming you aren’t riding as much, so you’re a little fatter than normal. Filmers don’t generally have “cutties” hanging around.

JW- Generally day time is best. Late morning, before it’s too hot but still warm enough so you get exhausted a little quicker and can provide some good rag*  shots.
PR- The golden hour happens twice a day if you’re lucky, and happens about half an hour after or before sunrise and sunset. So get out of bed you lazy bum, and go ride and film!!

JW-The filmers always gonna want you do exactly as they say, do this do that. Don’t do what they say, ride how you want. You know what you wanna do and it’s always amusing seeing them get frustrated, provides good banter and at the end of the day you’ll get the shot anyway.

JW- If the filmers happy then you know it’s gonna be a quick and easy non repetitive process. Nobody likes pushing the same section for hours on end doing the same thing.
PR- You can see if the shot isn’t right. Make them do it over and over again till you get the shot, their is always tomorrow to get more.

JW- If its dirt jumping you’re filming for, know the line and what you can throw on each jump. Change it up a bit but nobody wants a whip over every jump, keep comfortable cause shit can go wrong fast.

JW- You wanna have your outfit on point, everyone loves someone looking ‘factory’ in a movie. Whether it be team kit or matching brand, gotta make yourself look as ‘core’ as you can (some biker slang there for ya). Doesn’t matter with dirt jumping, just rep what feels comfy. And don’t wear loose t shirts, bars can get caught and you will end up in hospital, that’s experience talkin ya’ll.

JW- Clean or dirty bike? Hmm well it’s always nice having a clean bike for filming, shiny things on camera look good. Nobody wants to see someone that doesn’t give a s#*t. Unless you’re not giving a s#*t while you’re riding then that will provide some wild moments which we all love.
PR- Always clean your bike, and if you can have a couple of bikes that are different colours that way you can choose the right bike that will contrast with your surroundings better, and it will make you stand out on screen. And remember black bikes are boring.

JW- Don’t be a pleb on camera, ride smart and talk smart.  People like to see and hear you think you know what you’re talking about and that you’re on top of your game with the goings on around.
PR- Encourage the rider to be a “Pleb”. Makes for great footage in the credits. Alcohol after the riding will help with this.

JW- Be safe kids. Always wear a lid; and if you’re wearing a full face don’t wear sunnies, completely uncool. Pads and backpacks are optional, especially if you’re hardcore freeride or #enduro.

* twenty foot everywhere else in New Zealand
*Cuttie is a good looking girl.
*Rag how your body bounces along the ground when you crash at speed.


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