This has got to be the one of the best options we’ve seen for All-duro™ riders/racers, anyone who doesn’t want to lug two helmets to the top of a mountain, or if you just want a bit more protection for the downs but still keep cool/not look like a dork on the way up (or on the road ride on the way to the trails). And it’s even got MIPS. Sign us up!

Bell Super 2R webpage


Bell Helmets, a company that since 1954 has delivered purpose-built helmets marked by industry-leading design and performance technologies, today unveiled its “Super 2R” – a groundbreaking all-mountain helmet for riders, setting a new standard for helmet versatility and performance. Building off the success of the Super, Bell raised the bar with Super 2R, addressing the increasing demands of all-mountain riders with a category-defying helmet that bridges the gap between trail riding and downhill thanks to a removable, protective chin bar that can be easily attached and detached throughout the course of a ride.

The Super 2R was designed to serve the needs of a new generation of mountain bikers who are riding faster and farther than ever, and are taking on varying trail terrains and downhill situations. Bell’s Wraparound Protection technology addresses the need for added adaptability by delivering a protective chin bar that can be removed and carried on climbs, then quickly and easily snapped into place for the descent. The chin bar utilizes buckles with proven technology inspired by ski boots along with removable and adjustable cheek pads. These features add stability, comfort and protection to help improve performance on the downhill portion of rides and eliminate the need to carry an extra helmet along the way.

Everything about the new Super 2R was designed for all-mountain riding. In addition to its Wraparound Protection technology, the helmet is fully loaded with essential elements for riding across varying terrain. Overbrow Ventilation channels cool air through the helmet to prevent overheating on long rides. The Super 2R’s Twin Axis Gear (TAG) fit system provides a comfortable perch on the occipital lobe, while a newly designed camera mount features improved breakaway capability. Additionally, the GoggleGuide System lets riders easily adjust and stow goggles under the visor. From Enduro to XC, this host of performance features was designed to deliver more of what the all-mountain rider needs and positions the Super 2R as the new standard in all-mountain helmet performance. 

The Super 2R is an upgrade from Bell’s original Super helmet, and the chin bar will only be compatible with the new Super 2R and Super 2. The Super 2R will be available in three sizes, is CPSC and CE EN1078 certified, and will also come equipped with ICEdot emergency identification and notification service; a label with a unique code that the user can activate at no charge. After setting up a user profile, first responders will be able to access emergency contact info and any special health conditions via SMS text through a standard mobile device. It will be available in five standard colorways. Super 2R will be available at Bell dealers in November.


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  1. Is the chin guard rated the same as the rest of the helmet safety wise or is just the main helmet shell rated? Good chance that with a heavy spill the chin guard will fold up and make some new unwanted dimples in your cheeks or elsewhere.

    1. The Chinguard has been designed to pass the ASTM F1952 Downhill helmet standard. With the guard fitted it meets/exceeds the DH standard.BUT, the Helmet is sold with the CPSC and CE certifications (same standard as the majority of open face helmets). This is because it can be worn without the chinguard fitted and therefore they can’t give it the DH cert. Does that make sense?

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