How would you feel if your summer was taken away from you?

Fascinated by the emotions that someone would experience having their main focus for the summer suddenly ripped away from them, Dan Barham will spend the next five months following various riders, who for one reason or another, have had the rug pulled out from under them.

The mini-film will follow several riders who had spent the winter training, planning, and preparing for summer, but as the summer just got into swing found themselves crippled and lame, throwing all that hard work away.

The full project will be released in October 2012. Between now and then Dan Barham will be attempting to capture the kaleidoscope of emotions, what adversities exist and how they’re overcome.

Not everything in the world of biking is sunshine and lollipops. Too often the golden egg at the end of the yellow brick road is shown at the expense of the effort it took to get there. But what about the warts, the failure, the seemingly unsurmountable challenges? Behind every rider there lies a world of anguish and pain, tests and strains, and summons to fail.

This project is not intended to celebrate the dark side of biking but rather pull into focus the motivation for doing it in the first place. We only know what light is with understanding the dark.


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