Ashley and Marjolein at Revolve riding in Wellington don’t sleep. Whether it’s running clinics, weekly rides or organising female-only Super D races, they’re always busy. Well their latest little venture is so damn awesome I wish I’d thought of it (actually I remember John Kirkcaldie doing one back in 2000). They’re organising a bike part swap meet on the 26th Feb at the Southern Cross bar in Wellington. You drop parts off, agree on a price, leave, the girls sell it for you and take 20% for Revolve (capped at $20), then you come back and get cash. Or you hang around and listen to the live band. Yep, a live band, how sweet is that! If you have any questions hit up

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  1. We organised one to raise money for the Boxing Day Tsunami– it was great fun and as much a social occasion as anything else! Good stuff, and the Cross is perfect.

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