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Vernon Felton almost loses his shit…

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  1. Incoming rant (not at Spoke, at Bike Mag or whoever made that schlep):

    What a crock of sh*t. “We’re going to get to the bottom of all this new tech, is it really useful, is it just a giant FU from the bike industries biggest player? Tune in to find out!” “But to do this we will ONLY talk to bike companies that make the product, that seems fair”. Basically, that was a 12 minute ad for 27.5+ and Boost148.

    Total click bait headline too, they don’t call bullshit on it in the slightest, they say “It’s all about choice!”. What a surprise. There’s faux outrage for 15 seconds at the start, but that was just setting up the ad. I give zero f**ks that companies release stuff like this, great, good for them, it probably progresses the sport and gives people choice. If they wanted to do a “Hey, this is what 27.5+ and Boost are all about!” video, that’s great. But videos like this that are just ads disguised as some sort of fake investigative angle treat consumers like idiots and are just bad.

    Rant concludes.

  2. The Plus sizes are coming at last a few more tyres and cranks etc that make building a Plus tyred Mountain Bike easier.For Bikepacking and off track adventures plus size tyred MTB’s are the way forward
    Try before putting them down!

  3. Bikes have gotten so good now that theres very little point to replace your couple of years old ride, hence why the bike companies come out with a new wheel size to try and get you to buy something new, it’s all just a massive con.

  4. It all comes down to companies being able to tool up quicker than ever due to technology and get products to market. Quicker it’s out there the quicker it can be sold. Cost of production has greatly decreased too due to the consumer now at ease with made in Asia produsts not only the good ole USA, so that’s where a majority of the big players get product made now. This isn’t a rant just fact!

  5. What ticks me off about that video is the iPhone reference. The iPhone was an alternative that consumers chose, 650b, 650b + or 148 boost do not feel like not choices for the consumer to decide what’s best for them. The attitude of the designers on that video came across more like this to me: this produce is the best for you; now disconnect your brain and get out your wallet. They may be trying to make the best bike they can but a little humility perhaps.

  6. All of the controversy surrounding new standards in the bike industry are a good example of a failing of the free market. The majority of the market are either unable or unwilling to cast a €4000 ‘vote from their wallet’ every year. Even if someone is splashing the cash like that, it’s probably spread over a number of market segments: you can’t vote against Boost if you’re buying a disc brake road bike this year.

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