Bikes in Schools is a complete biking package implemented within a school that enables all students to ride a bike on a regular basis. The full package includes: a fleet of new bikes; a bike helmet for every child; combination of riding, pump and bike skills tracks; bike storage facility (where needed); bike coach to introduce the programme and teach basic riding skills. All the bikes and helmets are owned by the school and remain on the school property. The tracks are built within the school property. The storage facility (eg. converted shipping container or bike shed) is also owned by the school. Videos explaining the programme can be found at

Why Bikes in Schools? Over the last 20 years there has been a dramatic fall in biking by New Zealand primary school children. This has resulted in many children not being able to experience “the joy of biking” and the many social and health impacts that result from biking regularly. We believe this project will help our children in the following areas: increased health and fitness benefits; developing self esteem, confidence, resilience and independence; learning about road safety and confidence on their bikes; developing an awareness of the environmental benefits of biking, particularly in relation to transport; learning to self-manage risks within a safe, fun learning environment. The Bike On website has links to measures of success and research related to the benefits of this project.



What will it look like? The project involves us building 3 bike tracks: a loop track (approximately 500m), a skills track with obstacles, and a pump track. The tracks will be designed and constructed by experienced contractors using well proven designs and materials. The track will be used for classroom programmes (P.E. & Health) and recreational riding at break times. Classes will have timetabled slots and we envisage daily use of the track. Our local community will have access to the track outside of school hours, so we are providing a community asset. Our neighbouring Playcentre will also have access to the track to use on a weekly basis. Once funding is generated, the timeframe is approximately 1 month for construction and we hope to have the track open for the new school year in February 2015.

Draft Proposed Plan Pinehaven School site. We visited 4 Hawke’s Bay schools who have worked with the Bike On Trust to develop the Bike in Schools programme. The photos we took will help you to visualise the project in action.


Mahora School Loop track with Skills and Pump Tracks in the background.


Mahora School Loop Track.



Kimi Ora School Bike Storage.


Kimi Ora School Skills Track with Loop Track in the background.


Kimi Ora School Pump Track with Loop Track in the background.



St. Mary’s School Loop Track.

The schools we visited varied in the length of time the tracks had been established. The oldest track was at St. Mary’s School (4 years old). The track and bikes were all still in very sound condition.

How much will this cost? The average cost for the total project is $50,000. We are currently getting finalised quotes so that we have exact costs for our track. The following costs are approximate. Purchasing of Key Project Features Possible Volunteer Work or lower cost items 50 Bikes $ 13,000 260 Helmets $ 4,000 Skills track $ 8,000–9,000 500m Loop track $ 10,000 Pump track $ 5,500 Modified container for bike storage $7,500 Cycle Skills training $ 3,000 Planting/Landscaping Bike Assembly The Board of Trustees have committed to funding $2,000 for bike and track maintenance each year once the project is complete.

We have discussed our programme with Kim Hurst, who is happy to endorse our project and the benefits that we have outlined. Among other things, Kim is a National Cyclocross Champion (2014), Karapoti Women’s course record holder, Silver medalist at the 24 hour MTB World Championships (2013), 2014 24 Hour World Champion and World 200 Mile Road Champion (2013).

Fundraising and how can you help? The school is working to generate funding for this from sources outside of our regular fund providers and are seeking support from interested agencies and local businesses. Greater Wellington Regional Council has already generously committed $20,000 towards the project, so we are nearly half way there. We are seeking sponsors to donate ‘chunks’ of money to be put towards the overall costs. Options may include funding a particular feature of the project (e.g. the pump track), or a lump sum contribution towards the project. If we receive 6 lump sum contributions of $5,000, alongside the GWR contribution, we will have $50,000. However, any contributions would be gratefully received! The bike storage area will have a professionally created sign that acknowledges organisations who have donated funds towards our project.

Further Questions? If you would like more information about our proposal or the ways in which you can help us, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to show you our site and share ‘walk’ the proposed track with you!

Kaylene Macnee
Principal Parent & Project Manager
5284365 / 027 518 5445

Andreas Kubisch
970 4051 / 027 699 4221


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