When the Blackburn distributor sent this Blackburn VIP SL Ride Wallet down for issue 51’s product pages, well, I didn’t send it back. The thing is so rad, cheap and practical! Out of the bag and on the computer screen this waterproof smartphone pouch makes sense. But after actually using it in some shitty weather I can say that it’s pretty damn awesome and a must have for anyone that rides in the wet (that’s all of us right?)

It’s a pretty simple bag really. It features a serious industrial strength snap lock closure system with two male sides locking into three female sides for a totally waterproof unit.

You may not be able to fit your retarded iPad mini or the latest HTC in there but it’s big enough for all iPhones and most smartphones.

And the best bit! The touch screen works through the wallet; you can scroll, text and send messages. I did try to make a call but that doesn’t work so well. (You can hear them but thanks to the fact that it’s a sealed bag… well yeah, it wasn’t my smartest move.)

The wallets are so cool we decided to ad them to our webshop and have a bunch here ready to buy right now.

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