SRAM_Backyard_opening-1017.095903On Sunday, September 8th, over 250 people participated in the inauguration of the SRAM Backyard Track, the newest addition to SRAM’s Schweinfurt Development and Training Center (DTC). Built over the course of the 2013 summer by a team of experts led by dirt jump athlete Joscha Forstreuter, the SRAM Backyard Track is a unique structure which combines a test track for off-road bicycle components, a pump track and various lines of jumps, from easy tables to competition-size doubles.SRAM_Backyard_opening-79.100010
The goal of the project is in line with the activities of the Schweinfurt DTC: “Everyone here rides” says Marcus Schneider, Category Manager at SRAM Deutschland “Our engineers are constantly on their bikes to test their latest developments, we have our marketing team which is always busy testing and hosting media and athletes, and generally we all love biking, in any of its forms. The Backyard Track adds one more dimension to our DTC, which is already a one-of-a-kind facility here in Europe: our OEM customers can test products right in our backyard, and our engineers can work on their feedback almost in real time.”SRAM_Backyard_opening-680.100142

The SRAM DTC in Schweinfurt already hosted a smaller pump track in its inner courtyard, but the new Backyard Track is a whole different beast, having required 110 truckloads of dirt and a crew of over 10 people working almost around the clock for over one month.

Professional athletes like Joscha, Daniel Schäfer, Pierre Eduard Ferry, Timo Pritzel, Amir Kabbani, and Xavier Pasamonte all attended the opening, while SRAM employees, their families and other members of the Schweinfurt community got to experience the Backyard Track themselves or simply sit back and enjoy the show.SRAM_Backyard_opening-516.100306Even young kids got to experience the track under the guidance of professional riders, and for those not keen on mountain biking the latest SRAM road and urban products were available to test on the demo bikes fleet.SRAM_Backyard_opening-262.100331

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