Cactus have made some of the best bike backpacks of all time in the Henry and the Zero (review below) but they have just updated the lineup with the new Nort pack and produced this funky little video to show just how much you can fit in it. You can head over here to purchase it right now, and I think if you order it today, you’ll get it before Christmas.


Cactus Canvas Zero

Cactus Climbing is a small company based in Christchurch. They like to build things that last. Bags and clothing mainly, but they do plenty of bespoke solutions for various companies and that’s why you’ll see their logo gracing anything from harnesses for posties though to gear for backcountry skiing guides. They manufacture in New Zealand and like the idea of ‘ethical construction’, or making something only once. I like that.

The Canvas Zero is a new 12oz canvas version of their lightweight cycling or running pack. It’s as simple as you will find today in a very competitive market. There are effectively two pockets: a 15 litre inner and a narrow mesh outer. There is a bungy strap on the back for the extras. The back straps are only lightly padded. There is no chest strap and a simple waist strap. The bladder (not supplied) fits in a sleeve within the bag itself—circa 1997. There is nowhere specifically to put your cell phone and to top it off, at $175, it ain’t cheap.

So why are we even talking about it? Because it’s awesome. The canvas makes it virtually indestructible (if you own a pair of Supertrousers you’ll understand). There is quality in construction and materials (big YKK zips). The bag swallows more than you’d think. Being light, small and simple it is incredibly comfortable––as close as I’ve got recently to not wearing a bag at all. Small New Zealand companies that make quality products, built to last, are very dear to my heart. Whatever the reason, I love the Cactus Canvas Zero.

Mark Dangerfield

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