onza-and-rods-mess-8811   I’m riding this shock as hard as I can so I can review it for the next issue, but I am so very excited at its performance that I had to give you guys a quick preview now.onza-and-rods-mess-8816
Be careful how you approach this shock because once you get your hands on one and see the incredible machining and gold bits and dimpled bushings and realise you can join a very elite posing circle, things could get a little out of hand and you’ll probably get in trouble with the credit card. So be warned.onza-and-rods-mess-8812

I’ll delve with detail in the mag into the incredible performance but I just want to tell you all that the CS (Climb Switch) feature sets this shock apart from the others. Why? Because it’s not just a lock-out or a half-way compression lever. Oh no, it’s a futuristic device that subtly firms up the low speed compression and the low speed rebound circuits to help the bike hug the ground and give unparalleled climbing traction. In fact I’m spending a bit of non-climbing time in CS mode as it really smooths out the ride. When you switch off the CS the shock becomes a standard CCDB air shock with four damping circuits and boy is it tunable. I can get the bike behaving just how I want it. So don’t go buying a new shock for your bike until I can convince you that this beauty is a good investment. In fact, in the future you may want to just keep buying a new bike for this shock.onza-and-rods-mess-8821

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