C15_Tenerife650_0921Take it easy. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Don’t overdo it. Motherly advice like this seems entirely reasonable, but it’s hardly fun and as far as we’re concerned, that’s just not okay. The incredible two-in-one versatility of our all-new 2015 OverMountain lineup will push you to go further, faster and harder than ever before. With the 2015 Trigger, Trigger 29, and Jekyll, you’ll go too far, you’ll go too hard, you’ll bite off more than you think you can chew and you’ll come back for seconds because the OverMountain bikes are built for those who live to overdo it. Mother would be proud.


The most successful enduro platform in the world evolves into an all-new race weapon with the 2015 Jekyll. Working with enduro World Champion Jerome Clementz, we made his winning bike even winning-er with all-new geometry, SuperMax front suspension, a new Fox DYaD rear shock tune with increased travel, and of course, 27.5” wheels. You don’t have to be Jerome to appreciate its perfect-for -enduro dual nature – you just have to want the most versatile all-mountain bike out there.


The rider:
Enduro racers, or all-mountain shredders who want to climb fast, but want to descend even faster across the whole range of mountain terrain.


Unlike other so-called “quiver killers” the all-new Trigger doesn’t need to compromise between too much travel and too little, too steep geometry, or too slack. Its new and improved Fox DYaD rear shock gives the rider the perfect travel and geometry for whatever terrain they’re attacking, making it possibly the most versatile bike we’ve ever made and the only bike you need in your garage.


The rider:
The adventurer who wants to see what’s around the next corner and over the next mountain pass and to do so, wants a bike that climbs as well as it descends.


Trigger 29
With its category defying blend of agile, playful efficiency and fearless, roll- over-anything confidence, the Trigger 29 is so good at so many things, we almost don’t know how to define it. Part technical enduro machine, part fast trail stomper, part mountain goat, and part monster truck, all rolled into one, the Trigger 29 defies easy categorisation, so we’ll settle for this one…Fun.

The rider:
Aggressive descending 29er fans who know the more efficiently they can climb, the more they can descend.



DYAD – The World’s Only true 2-in-1 Shock.
DYAD’s unique dual-shock technology lets you transform your bike on the fly from long travel to short travel and back again, depending on your mood and whatever the trail is throwing your way. Where other bikes are forced to use one middle-of-the-road travel and geometry for both climbing and descending, DYAD doesn’t compromise. With its dual modes, elevate and Flow, it delivers the right shock response and the right geometry at the right moment.


How it Works:

Looking inside the DYAD are two different shocks – one short travel (elevate) and one long travel (flow) – which are activated by a handlebar switch.2015_OverMountain_PressKit_EN-5-top

In elevate mode, the shock behaves like a short travel, XC-ish air shock.
The FLOW chamber is completely closed off and only the eLevate side of the shock is active.

  • All oil is routed solely through eLevate damping circuits.
  • Damping and Shock response is optimized for climbing and rolling terrain.
  • Performance not compromised. High-speed, long travel damping is handling by separate circuit.
  • Air spring volume is reduced, which shortens travel and creates a steep, progressive spring rate for snappy, efficient pedaling.
  • Controls unwanted suspension movement via spring rate, rather than with extra compression damping like traditional shocks. this allows free and fluid movement through the first part of the stroke, for smoother, faster rolling and improved traction.

In FLOW mode, the shock behaves like a coil-spring DH shock. the eLevate and FLOW air chambers are connected creating a large volume air spring and all oil is routed solely through FLOW damping circuits.2015_OverMountain_PressKit_EN-6-bottom

  • Air spring volume is dramatically increased / Spring rate gets very linear and coil-spring-like.
  • This increases travel for a fluid, supple feel and bigger hit capability.
  • The linear-to-progressive spring rate gives a predictable, controlled feel, and prevents bottoming.
  • All oil is routed solely through FLOW damping circuits.
  • Since damping duties for other types of terrain are handled by the elevate circuits, the FLOW circuits are optimized specifically around the needs of high speed, aggressive descending.






New tune for 2015:
The 2015 Dyad gets a redesigned Flow mode piston engineered to complement changes we’ve made to the SuperMax PBr trail Damper. the new piston enables better oil flow for improved mid-to-high speed compression damping performance. this results in smoother, more supple mid to high speed performance. Like the SuperMax, these changes will be especially noticeable on small, sharp bumps, square edge hits and chatter/washboard bumps at speed.
Other updates for the 2015 DYAD:

  • Sag optimized at 30% instead of 40% resulting in more usable/positive travel and increased ride height for better pedal clearance.
  • Significantly wider range of rebound damping adjustment, thanks to increased oil flow.Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.12.13 AM
    Attitude Adjust – Adjustable Geometry
    One of the key functions of the DYaD rear shock is that it enables the rider to adapt the geometry of the bike on-the-fly for the best climbing or descending experience. We call this attitude adjust. in elevate Mode, the geometry is steeper for a more efficient pedaling position and better front-end control on steep climbs. in Flow Mode, the geometry gets lower and slacker to attack aggressive descents.

    Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.14.36 AM

    Supermax – The Bigger, Badder Lefty

    Everything that makes our tried-and-true Lefty great is what makes SuperMax the best performing fork in its category. it’s lighter, stiffer, stronger, smoother and less maintenance than the competition. You simply can’t beat that.


    • Dual Integrated crowns – Stiffer and stronger than single crown setups.
    • Inverted Design – inverted design is not just stiffer and stronger, it’s also better lubricated.Gravity holds lube against the seals and bearings for longer life and smoother action.
    • massively Oversized – the SuperMax’s lower leg is 36mm in diameter, while the upper leg measures a whopping 46mm for maximum stiffness and steering precision.
    • hybrid needle Bearing system – For maximum control, SuperMax’s proprietary needle bearing assembly keeps the suspension smooth, no matter how hard you brake, corner, or land.
    • Wheel size specific Offset – SuperMax uses wheel size specific axle offsets up to 10mm longer than the competition, creating the perfect balance of high speed stability and low speed agility.

    Supermax is Lighter
    Weighing in at a scant 1850 grams, the SuperMax 160 is lighter than any of its competitors but what truly sets it apart is its insane stiffness. With rigidity and strength that rivals downhill forks, no other trail/all-Mountain fork steers as precisely, or descends as confidently as the SuperMax. the only thing bending here is your mind.

    Supermax is Stronger
    Gram for gram, SuperMax is the strongest fork in the world. they punch way above their weight class, going head to head in destructive testing with full-on freeride and DH forks. Cross-Country light meets DH tough.

    Supermax is Stiffer
    SuperMax’s massively oversized inverted dual-crown design give it stiffness comparable to the burliest downhill forks, while weighing the same as some XC forks. Light weight efficiency with heavyweight control.

    Supermax is Smoother
    The heart of the SuperMax, Cannondale’s patented hybrid needle-bearing technology keeps the suspension moving freely, regardless of load. even under the hardest braking, impact, and steering forces, the wheel is able
    to track the ground fluidly for maximum control.

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