Week 2
We begin our exploration of the Grand Canyon with a bike cruise around the top of the south rim (the bikes were feeling lonely). We couldn’t resist being tourists up there. You see the Grand Canyon in pictures, but words can’t describe this enormous place.  So here’s a photo for your viewing pleasure:

The next day we took advantage of the free shuttles for am early morning departure on South Kaibab trail. After a few hours we arrived at the bottom and sat in a creek playing our new favourite game ‘Sequence’ (if you don’t have it, get it, it will rock your world). The next day the hike out of the canyon is just as spectacular as the hike down. We knew we were getting closer to the top when we started seeing day hikers in jandals walking down.

Since we’re such athletes we made it to the top by 10am (okay it might have helped that we left at 4.30am). We then drove over to Williams. We took our chances on this true Route 66 town, which turned out to have a wicked ride just for us. After a big ol’ hill climb to the top we were greeted by a fire lookout tower. There inside was Mr. Williams himself (at least that’s what Hamish thought). After a quick hello we had an amazingly fun thirty minute downhill.
Vegas baby, Vegas!

We had in mind 24 hours in Vegas. That was it; no sleeping, just being rock stars. Absolutely fitting that we stayed at Treasure Island. This used to be a family friendly place but they’ve since gone all girls gone wild on it with a nightly pirate show. The Sirens wanted the ‘Sea men in their coves’. Well, after the Ranger lost $7 on the pokies and Hamish got kicked out of a bar for wearing Nikes we were done with the city that never sleeps.

Back to bikes, sleeping on the ground and one pot meals. Hurricane, Utah was the next stop. The super friendly guys at Over the Edge pointed us to Gooseberry  Mesa, for some sweet slickrock riding and free camping. It was vastly different to our previous night of bright lights and fruity yard drinks.
We’ve now arrived in Moab via the gorgeous Zion National Park. We’re basing ourselves here for a few days; they say this is the promised land for mountain biking. Let’s see…..

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