Good things take time, is the adage that Mainland Cheese have drummed into us over the years, and it would work just as well at Chris King. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that owning Chris King product is the penultimate move in spec’ing your bike. And if you’ve been holding out to put a 1X system on your King hubs, that time is now as they’ve just announced possibly the best looking XD Driver around!


We are proud to announce the Chris King ISO XD Hub, Chris King’s solution for SRAM’s one-by drivetrains. Our new XD Driveshell combines our legendary in-house made bearings and the unparalleled engagement of our patented RingDrive system in our SRAM one-by compatible Chris King hub. Our new XD Driveshell system allows current Chris King hub owners to easily convert their ISO and ISO DH hubs to a SRAM one-by system.RS1032_chrisking_ISO_XD_135x12_navy-lpr

With our new Chris King ISO XD Hub you can expect the same high standards of quality, manufacturing, and serviceability that you have come to expect from all of our components. Each Chris King XD Driveshell is machined out of a single piece of high-grade stainless steel and heat treated to create a XD Driveshell with unmatched strength and durability. The Chris King XD Driveshell utilizes the legendary ISO Driveshell internals to remove the need for any additional small parts


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  1. Not just best looking hub, just best in general. Just today I purchased some XTR cranks to do a new 1X10 conversion with a Revolution components narrow wide and a lone King didn’t offer an XD driver. Coulda waited just another day and gone XX1 instead. So it goes haha

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