The Christchurch Adventure Park (CAP) is celebrating it’s first full calendar year, having

reopened following the Port Hills fires one year ago today.

“This time last year, there was a huge sense of relief that we were finally able to reopen the

gates and crank up the chairlift after ten months of forced closure. This year, with a full year

under our belts and the future looking exciting, the relief can make way for celebration and

we will be making those celebrations last for the whole month,” CAP General Manager Anne

Newman said.

“CAP ‘take two’, as it’s come to be known, is an entirely different offering to what we first

opened with back in December 2016. But despite some significant setbacks, what we have

here is world class and we are incredibly proud of how much we have grown over the last 12



“In terms of bike trails, we now have 21 named trails traversing over 4,000 vertical metres,

and ranging from beginner to advanced terrain. With the help of our amazing volunteers,

we are continuing to build new trails and improve our existing ones, so customers can come

and experience more than we have ever offered.

“As for other adventure activities, October was our best month yet for the number of

ziplines, and now that the sun is out we are also seeing more people coming into the Park to

enjoy the other attractions such as the incredible views from the top of the chairlift or by

taking the uphill walking trail, or just to relax with good food and a cold drink on the café

deck, in the stunning setting of our Park village,” Ms Newman said.

“There is no denying that it has been a rough start for CAP, not only because the fires forced

us to close for ten months but also due to the ongoing affects of the fires and the resulting

lack of trees, such as being more exposed to weather events and the increased rebuild and

maintenance costs we have had to absorb. But to have made it through a full year following

such a catastrophic event is something we can feel genuinely proud of, so we will be taking

the time on this first anniversary to both reflect and to celebrate.


“The best part is, that the future is only looking more exciting as we continue to recover and

develop. The entire burnt area of the Park has now been replanted, so we will see this

becoming a forest again in the near future. Our new entrance road is also close to

completion, and planning is underway for a number of new attractions that will really make

this the adventure destination we always dreamed it would be.

As a gesture of appreciation to those who have supported the Park through the recent tough

times, an old favourite is returning just in time for Christmas: “We could never have

contemplated reopening after the fires or surviving this first year if it wasn’t for the amazing

support we get from Park users. So, as a big thank you to them, we are bringing back the 10-

uplift pass for $100, as a first birthday special for a limited time,” Ms Newman said. “And for

today only we are offering half price coffees and sightseeing passes. We would love to see

as many old and new faces through the Park as possible today and throughout this summer,

and these special offers are an awesome way to come in and experience it.”

The ‘First Birthday 10 Uplift Passes’ are valid for 90 days and will be available for purchase

from now until Christmas. Passes are limited, so get in quick.

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