Red Bull Chronicles – 2010 Teaser from nzgreenroom on Vimeo.

Red Bull know how to get it done… Sponsoring events and athletes worldwide, running a magazine (RedBulletin) and now a TV show! The Red Bull Chronicles is coming to your screen soon… if you have Sky that is…..

“We want to show the audience the amazing feats Red Bull athletes are achieving in their area of expertise says Leigh. Of course there is the kiwi staples of skate, snow and surf and then we mix it up with hybrid sports; speed riding [skiing with a paragliding wing] & wing suit flying and finally we bring some noise with motorsports, such as drifting, rallying and freestyle motocross. Over 24 episodes on Sky Sport, Ed and Amber get up front and personal with top international athletes and New Zealand sporting heroes alike. Whether inside the studio or on location at unique sporting events around the world, the audience will be given the exclusive insight into the inner psyche and motivation of today’s leading sportsmen and women. With such groundbreaking and inspiring content, the show had to be fronted by presenters who are as world class as the events and athletes they were talking about. With Ed just returning from covering the 2010 winter Olympics for the BBC and Amber continuing to grace our screens on MTV, they made the perfect fit for the Red Bull Chronicles. Tune in to watch the Red Bull Chronicles on Saturday, NZ Sky Sport 3 at 8:30pm and Tuesdays, Sky Sport 1 at 7pm or catch repeats played throughout the week.”

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