bltcThere is a small chance that Spoke has the world exclusive on this post (but I doubt it). Anyway as predicted by a bunch of people (I thought it would be the V10) the next bike to roll out of Santa Cruz Bicycles in carbon is none other than the redesigned Blur LT. Introducing the all-new carbon fibre Blur LT: 140mm travel (proven geometry, and the high performance, low maintenance assurance of VPP2 suspension), 5.6 pound frame and shock weight (1 pound lighter than the  LT, almost as light as the old XC). The stiffest chassis we have ever built, bar none. The strongest frame we have ever built, in every test we threw at it.

blurltgreaseports2 Grease ports!

blurltchainslap2 Metal chain slap thingy!

blurltdirectmount1Full carbon goodness, and a direct mount front derailleur

blurlthanger2Replaceable derailleur hanger, integrated chainstay protector

It's just like the Blur LT that everyone loves. Except it's lighter, stiffer, way stronger, faster, more responsive, and stronger. Did we already say strong? Yes, but it is worth mentioning again. You could build a lightweight trail flyer out of it, or you could build it to the hilt and never ever have to ask if the frame can handle whatever travel fork you want to put on it, or if there are rider weight limits, or if it is burly enough to handle a 6 foot drop to flat, or any of those niggling little concerns that people are always asking about with carbon fibre bikes. We've got one catch-all answer to any "is it tough enough?" question.

Hell yes.

blurlttaper1Tapered (1 1/8" semi integrated upper race, 1.5" lower race) head tube

blurltcable1Low profile cable stops, included routing for adjustable seatposts

This isn't some long-travel lightweight XC experiment. Think of the Blur LTc as a hairy-chested all-mountain ass kicker. In a hockey mask. Holding a chainsaw.

blurltdiscmount1In-moulded carbon fibre brake mount

blurltfiber1Carbon fibre upper link, angular contact bearings top to bottom

Check out Santa Cruz Bicycles for more info