bb I just got an email from Greg at Fat Tyre Adventures, the Brake Burner organiser, and for fans of the now classic race it will come as a bit of a shock but Coronet will NOT be hosting the Brake Burner any more as they are ceasing all mountain biking activities. Hamish McCrostie, Ski Area Manager for Coronet, has stated "NZSki and Coronet Peak need to focus on our core business and that is providing the best winter experiences possible. Mountain biking interrupts our focus on summer maintenance and reduces the life of our main lift."

It's not all doom and gloom though; Greg has promised to continue to put on an endurance downhill event to replace the Coronet based Brake Burner and is in talks with various parties right now.

"I am now in the process of securing a trail—with people that I can trust—somewhere in the Queenstown or Wanaka area. I hope to have something sorted in the next week or so. It may have a chairlift or it may be a shuttle run, but will still be a ‘Super D’ style event. If it is a chairlift we will have teams but if it’s a long shuttle then it will be all individuals.

Please keep the 6th Feb 2010 free. I will email you as soon as I have something sorted out. I know that many people have travel plans and tickets booked for this weekend and the event. I will do my best to deliver a great new style Brake Burner event on the 6th Feb!"