e13-redE 13 have dropped the fourth in their limited edish' colourways programme, Red Rocket. e*thirteen is proud to announce the fourth edition of the Limited Colourways—the first featuring the new Plus series systems!  Limited Colourways product was first introduced in 2006 and has been an on-running program dedicated to helping riders pimp out their most treasured possessions—their bicycles.

The newest Limited Colourways colour is called “Red Rocket” and will be released worldwide through the e*thirteen distribution channels on December 1, 2009. A limited number of chain retention systems will be sent to each participating distributor worldwide, and once each distributor sells out of the Limited Colourways, the colour will no longer be available.

The Red Rocket chain devices will be offered in the SRS+ and SS+ models, with e*thirteen’s worldwide patent pending impact flexure™ bashguard technology. To accentuate the classic look of this colourway, its backplate is gold in colour, with bright red sliders.

New Zealand Distributor KRD Imports will be getting these so hit up your local dealer for arrival dates.