I was out at Trevor Woodward's place shooting something for a future issue of Spoke when Trevor brought out the "Hall of Shame - Pink Apron". What is the Pink Apron you ask? Well Trevor and his gang like to ride their bikes fast, they also like very good beer. If you look hard enough at the Karapoti each year you can find them and their keg. If you're in the gang (invite only) and post the slowest time, you wear the infamous Pink Apron and transform into the Beer Bitch for the rest of the night serving everyone else. Times like 3.18 and 3.20 almost certainly will get you in the apron, and as you can see from Samara Sheppard's last attempt, flatties don't help your cause. So if you see someone at the Karapoti next week sporting a Pink Apron, ask them for a refill, they won't refuse.