This week we launch 'Trail Day Tuesdays'. After some technical glitches it's a day late but you know the saying; better late than never.

To kick things off, I took a cruise over the Kawakawa Bay track from Kinloch to Kawakawa and return a few weeks ago.

The Kawakawa Bay track I'd heard was a sweet, flowy, 100% singletrack ride, but having heard that there was some work being done to the track to make it similar to the famed W2K track, I figured I'd better take a look and see what was happening.

Rolling into the trail it was obvious there had been some earth works going on with the trail now being a couple of metres wide and freshly groomed with a drifty layer of tinder dry dust on top.

The trail basically climbs up and over a hill and descends to Kawakawa bay where idyllic views greet riders. The main climb to the highest point was freshly groomed, widened and tamed slightly making the climb relatively easy. Two thirds of the way through the climb I met the trail diggers, two gentlemen, a dog, and a couple of Tonka Toy-like machines. The general plan for the trail is to make it an addition and extension of the W2K track, adding to the 70 odd kilometres that will eventually be developed. The only downside to making the trail friendly for all levels of rider is the loss of some legendary singletrack that was loved by many an accomplished trail rider.

When I rode the trail on the 21st March the descent from the lookout to the bay was premium singletrack; not too technical but with some nice techy bits thrown in and lots of flowy corners. It will be interesting to see how the trail shapes up as they continue to widen and tame it, but one thing's for sure it will still be a fun ride, and ideal for anyone with some tyres wider than 32mm.

The following photos break the trail down a bit more.....

If you have a trail in your area you think SPOKE readers should know about, contact us ( and we'll try and get out to have a look, alternatively take some photos, write some words, give us some directions and email it all through. We'll get it up and get some people your way!

Bike Taupo is upgrading a shared MTB and walking track between Kinloch and Kawakawa Bay.

Progress will be displayed on this page as information becomes available. The red line (supplied by Pete McFarlane) is the new track starting at the Whangamata Stream. The dashed black line is the "old track".

Track progress shown is as at 16 April 2010. The Lookout has been reached.

Blue grid lines are 1km apart (on the ground)."