Wellington dirt jump builder and city council employee Thomas Hickey just fired me though this progress photo from the old Karori BMX track site in... well, Karori. The BMX track is gone and it's being replaced by a full blown jump park. You can see the digger in the foreground placing some rough piles for the main jump sets, and you can see the beginnings of the first (there's going to be more than one?) pump track in the back ground. Exciting stuff, this place is gonna be rad! I've just had a bit more of a chat with Tom and this is what he had to say; "The idea is to have at least one big straight set that can host pro level competition/jams, some mighty big hips 'cause they're always fun, and some smaller sets so there is a graduated progression that people can work their way through. In amongst all that no doubt plenty of other crazy stuff will get built. "The first pump track will be geared towards younger and less experienced riders as they are the main users of the old BMX track. I'm pretty keen to maintain an area where kids can get their first taste of fangin' it on dirt. This should be complete in about two or three weeks, the rest of the jump park and advanced pump track will follow after this. Realistically we're shooting for it to be completed by next summer."

Hadley Boyce and Co are building it in conjunction with Wellington Mountain bike Club. Hadley will be down there every Saturday morning digging, so if you're keen to spread that word the more the merrier!! Hadley is the trail boss so anyone keen to dig will NEED (read have) to introduce themselves to him and ask what needs to be done before they pick up a spade.