Untitled from Quiet Chaos on Vimeo.

Yesterday was one of those days where nothing goes as planned. I went to shoot some photos and all I got was a split eyebrow, swollen knee and buckled front wheel......

I skyved (is that a word?) off work and met up with local Hamiltonian and photo-grom Ryan McCrae to try to get a few shots at spots that have been playing on my mind for a while now.

First stop was Melville's "Hill", basically a knob of land covered in trees, with steep sides and some cool looking banks and trees all over; a good photo should have been easy to get. The first hit was a kicker in the side of a bank that in theory would step you up to a stall further up the bank above a cutout and I'd simply fall effortlessly into the landing. It wasn't meant to be, a slightly uphill, grassy and wet run-in meant not enough speed to pull it. A couple of good slams later and one solid faceplant (in the vid above, that's where the split eyebrow came from) I called it quits for now on that hit, but I'll be back to get the shot!

Further around the "Hill" I spotted a fallen tree and figured with minimal fashioning of a lip it could make for a banger of a shot. The idea was to hit the lip, pop up and out from the bank, foot plant over the log and BAM a solid shot in the bag. Speed was no issue, but the soft sandy surface of the lip made it all but impossible to make a solid takeoff and after numerous attempts and slams we again called it quits and one to come back to. A bit more digging will be required to make the hit work but one day, maybe one day it'll work!

Spot number 3 was a bust immediately, a bank to tree ride. It looked good driving past it to work each day but just didn't work. The bank was too short to work and I frustratingly didn't even get to attempt it, packing a sad and heading to spot #4 which was looking unlikely before we even got there.

Spot number 4 was a hop over a small fence, no major feat but it relied on a few factors. First off the light. With passing cloud and the Waikato fog still lingering the light was dodgy at best. Combine the on again off again light with the fact that the run-in went across a four-lane wide main intersection and needed to get the traffic lights right as well as have cars in the right place for framing the shot correctly. After all things aligned we managed a few attempts, a straight air was no biggie but it was a 180 up and over I was after. I managed to pull it a couple of times, getting an average shot once, but it became apparent after lots of failed runs that the elements (light, traffic, composition) were against us so we threw in the towel.

I headed off to my office to get stuck into some work after having seemingly wasted the morning not getting shots. So some days things don't go your way but I guess that's how it goes from time to time and I guess I can chalk it all up to experience and learning, even if it's learning to crash a bit better!