Ever done a XC race? Ever heard lunatics cheering you on, playing dance music or offering you beer?

No? Well you're missing out on all the fun!

Yes? Chances are that was Bob (Brenda Clapp) and her trusty sidekick / partner Chris Burr.

Here's Frankly Thursday with BOB! (on a Friday as I had better things to do yesterday, like RIDE!)

How old are you? Somewhere between cub and cougar

Where do you  live? Nelson

Who makes your riding  possible? Of course Chris and my riding buddies  in Nelson.  And even though I don't seriously race any more, I still have  sponsors that help me out when I need it, like the guys from Stoke Cycles and  Norm from Peak Fuel.

Best thing  about travelling around the world riding your bike? Exploring new trails and making new  friends.

Best spot in  the world to ride? Colorado and  Utah



First bike? Very first bike was a tricycle which I had until I was nine  (and not because I was special needs, but my parents feared for my safety on  Masterton roads).  First mountain bike was an Avanti Town 'n'  Country.

What can’t you travel without? Bike. We had our first holiday last year without bikes and we were bored s**tless.

What can you not live without?  Friends, music.

What's your day job? Hydrological & Environmental Consultant (Majority of the time spent playing in rivers and 4wding)

What motivates you to get out of  bed and go to work each day? I get to ride my Ducati  to work.

What are your plans for the New Zealand winter? Train for the World Single Speed Champs shortcut.

What's wrong with mountain  biking? Gone are the days where you had to learn the  basic skills of riding due to being stuck on a fully rigid with canti's.  Now newcomers to the sport are relying on technology to get them through the  rough stuff and not skill.

What's right with mountain  biking? The big grin it leaves on my face when I nail  it.

Who do you look up to? Riders like Ross Schnell who are not only super fast and  skilled on a bike, but know how to enjoy life outside of  racing.

What do you like best about  living where you do? The climate and the massive  playground we have to explore.

What do you dislike about living where you do? I can't remember how to ride wet  roots.

Favourite piece of bike kit?  My Nzone baggies that give my well-worn lycra shorts a  bit more life.

What are your vices? Caffeine, red wine

Got any dirt / story of a MTBer  you’d like to share? Wouldn't call it dirt, but kudos  to Julian Absalon who lined up behind us in a supermarket in Mont Sainte Anne  after the World Cup race with a six pack under his  arm.

Will Chris be seeing your Nurse's kit from the Singlespeeds at any time when you're not on the bike?! Hell yes, I'm wearing it  now.

Next week we catch up with Chris, Bob's partner in crime....