Somehow I have an entry to the Single Speed World Champs in Rotorua. I'm kind of freaking out a little. You see, I've never ridden a singlespeed and I obviously don't own one so I'm having to build one. That said I'm part of the unofficial Anti-Fun-Hating team (along with Jono Baddiley, Lester Perry, Ross Schnell, Laurence Mote and Tall Beast). The prerequisite for being a member of this team is that your bike has to have a minimum of four inches rear travel which in most cases is normally your everyday geared bike. Not being very mechanically minded, I searched out the easiest possible way to one-gear my Nomad and thanks to LaMote found this little gem: the YESS ETR-D. This bad boy chain tensioner from Canadian based component manufacturer YESS is the ticket for singlespeeding your full suspension rig. There's a few other Anti-Fun-Haters riding in the SSWC (they just don't know they are members, you can check them out here in the Single Speed World Champs bike gallery over on Facebook. There's some pretty bling rides in there and some piles of shit, but it's a good little time waster (if you have time to waste). There's still time to turf that hardtail SS bike you thought you were going to race and join the Anti-Fun-Haters. All you need is an ERT-D.

Three Anti-Fun-Hating SSWC rigs via the the SSWC Facebook page.