Jono Church from Wide Open is a machine. He built all the Turners for the Wide Open product launch, maintained them, pulled my Nomad apart and then built up what had to be the second raddest bike at the SSWC and then photographed up a storm. The bike in question was my steed for the SSWC, one sexy Turner Sultan, 125mm of DW Link Turner goodness with the YESS ETR-D tensioner (which was also on the raddest bike too) and a whole bunch of 2011 FSA bits and pieces and then my Rock Shox Reverb to ice the proverbial cake. On the trail this thing was AMAZING, not that the smooth trails of Rotorua are the most rigorous testing ground, but it just ate up everything, bumps, roots, drops, rotten logs and water bars, if anyone tells you 29ers are slow to turn they are lying, this thing was lightning fast (the three people I overtook could attest to that).