Last night we received sad news that 'Timberlands' (no, not the rapper, that's Timbaland) are starting up logging operations in the 'Wash' area of the Whakarewarewa forest, Rotorua. This area includes such trails as Tickler, Be Rude Not To, Dragons Tail and Tokorangi Pa track (walking track). It appears they'll be thinning from the road sides back over a week long period, leaving some of the largest trees standing so all's not lost. It's going to be a bummer to (hopefully only temporarily) lose these trails, especially the icon that is 'Be Rude Not To'. Anyone who rode the trail in its early days will attest to the fact that it was one of the best, flowiest (not really a word is it?), grin inspiring tracks in the forest. Recently it's become rather ragged, rutted and well ridden so a bit of logging could help freshen it up.

Bring on Be Rude Mk 2!