The GPS cycle computer world has been a bit of a one horse race of late, but after checking out these new Bryton GPS cycle computers it looks like things might be about to get all shook up. Bryton are a new company but the people behind it have a massive amount of experience in GPS, having worked behind the scenes at Navman and Magellan. But Bryton aren't looking at cars at all (a wise move with Smart phones starting to kill that industry), just self propelled GPS navigation. So far in New Zealand the sexy Rider50 is available, to be followed very soon by the Rider30 and then some wristwatch GPS units after. The New Zealand distributor has some pretty cool plans for the Byrton Ryder50 units as well.

Unlike their competitors, the Ryder50s run on a free open source mapping program. Bryton New Zealand has already enlisted the Auckland Mountain Bike Club to help map all of Auckland's MTB trails and plans are afoot to try to map more and more of our country's trail network. You'll be able to then plot a course, much like a car GPS, and head out into the bush and get directions. As you can imagine, the possibilities and applications for this are amazing. Clubs will be able to suggest guided rides on their websites that users will be able to plot on their Bryton GPS units or download as GPX files directly on to their units or SD cards, throw into the mix the use of POIs (points of interest) and links to bike shops and cafes and the possibilities are endless. It's not all in place yet but with this kind of technology it will most likely only be a matter of months before you'll be able to download a GPX file for a three hour ride in Whakarewarewa.

As soon as we get our hands on a unit we will let you know how they fare out in the real world and in Wellington's dense bush, in the mean time you can check out all the specs on the Rider50 and Rider30 below and on their website. To find out where you can pick one up e-mail to find a dealer.

Bryton Rider 50 RRP from $629 The Rider 50 retails from $629, measures 5.5 x 9.6 x 2.16 cm, has a 2.2" Colour Sunlight readable TFT screen, is ANT+ compatible, it weighs only 106g and has a battery life of 15 hours. It features two buttons on each side and two plus a joystick on the front.

The Rider 50 comes with 2GB of internal memory as well as a 2GB SD card that can be used to store maps and other data. All maps are based on OpenStreetMap which means they’re detailed – including bridleways and cycle routes in some countries – easy to read on screen and, importantly, FREE.

The SD card has a map preloaded however it’s fairly straightforward to update maps via the supplied CDs or online.

There is also a compass option that comes in handy at times.

The main on-bike display is customisable with up to six different data fields, with 33 options for each one  They’re easy to read and include some nifty graphical features, like a central compass if that option is selected.

In addition to the bike and map modes, there’s a training mode where you can record lap data and race against yourself or MyBuddy, a virtual partner. There’s nothing like having a carrot to chase when you’re pushing yourself to the limit. There's also six different training modes and a step counter so you can measure your walking/running.

The device features a navigation option, either via a preloaded route or to a co-ordinate or point of interest.

You can also share routes and training history with other Rider 50 units via KnockKnock wireless data transfer, or by using the simple website to share your rides in the Bryton Community

Bryton Rider 30 RRP from $379

The Rider 30 retails from $379, measures 6.9 x 4.8 x 2.1 cm, has a 1.9 "Mono LCD screen, it weighs only 55g, is ANT+ compatible and has an impressive battery life of 35 hours

The Rider 30 is a GPS computer first and foremost, although it can give you basic route directions. There are five Training options which include lap data and the MyBuddy virtual training partner.

All Bryton GPS Cycling computers are IPX7 Waterproof, tough, have easy to use stem or bar mounts and come Ant + compatible should you wish to record data such as Power etc. The Computers can be purchased as a head unit only (E models), alternatively the T models include a wireless Heart Rate Monitor and cadence sensor.