Okay, it's time to break the silence. I may be putting my life at risk saying this, but you good people deserve to know the truth. So here it is: Products don't make you a better rider, learning to ride a bike makes you a better rider. Products may help us put skills into action, but they don't magically make you a better rider. Before people go out and drop more money on products they should spend that money on a coach instead. Without exception EVERY SINGLE MOUNTAIN BIKER can benefit from a little bit of coaching. So instead of buying that new shiny piece of bling that you have been told is going to make you a better rider/lover/person, spend that money on some hours with a quality professional coach. It will make you safer, better, and probably have more fun.

Adding to the slowly growing number of professionally run and certified coaching organisations, Queenstown's Vertigo Bikes is pleased to announce the opening of the Queenstown Mountain Bike School.

Taking advantage of the newly opened (to bikers) Skyline Gondola, they will be offering skills clinics for all levels, from beginners to seasoned racers. Classes will be run by Jamie 'JT Huck' Tilbury and Paul 'Pangus' Angus. JT Huck is the head mountain bike coach. He is Whistler Mountain Bike Park IDP Level 1 and 2 qualified coach and has been one of the lead mountain bike guides for Vertigo Bikes for many years. He does back to back summers between Queenstown and Whistler. Pangus is ex-Scottish National Champion, an Ex-World Cup Downhill racer, and co-owner of Vertigo. Pangus is your man if need to know anything from basic skills, to race preparation. Just don't take his dietary ideas...

Vertigo Bike's owner Tim Ceci had this to say. "Queenstown Mountain Bike School is something Vertigo bikes has been thinking about ever since we opened our doors back in 2000. It is exciting that it is finally coming to fruition and that we will be bringing this product to Queenstown and the greater Otago and Southland region for people looking to improve their mountain bike skills, and to help them enjoy the amazing riding we have in the area even more."

For more information about getting better faster, getting faster better and doing it safely, go to the VERTIGO BIKES website.