Safety in numbers, well, in Christchurch

So I'm hoping we can get a few comments going on this post, the basic gist of it is to make sure Spoke's extended family in Christchurch is safe. So far we know all the Ground Effect staff are safe, some have lost homes but all are alive. WTB/Lezyne distributor Mark Dickson, his family and employees are also safe. I also just heard from Surly distributor David Whittam as well and things are good for his family as they are for frame builder Simon Courtney. Things aren't so good for Keith Guthrie and the Cycle Trading shop as the below photo from the TVNZ website shows. Obviously we care about everyone in Christchurch but it would be great to know that those close to us in the bike industry are safe. So please post in the comments below if you have any news. We are thinking of you all!