It's all about me (and freeload)

For a story in an upcoming issue of Spoke Tim Armstrong (the Freeload rack designer), Allister Worrall (the GT and SRAM distributor) and few others headed into the Kaimanawas to see how Freeload racks performed on technical backcountry singletrack. I can tell you that the results were very positive which basically means that wherever you can ride a bike without luggage you can ride with. Anyhow, after shooting Adam Lovell riding this 29" drop (it was the size of my wheel) I thought I may as well get Adam to shoot a pic of me. Freeload liked it, so much so that they printed it six foot tall (almost life size; I'm 6ft 4) and took it to Taipei.

...If you look close in the pic you can see some pretty rad looking new decks for the racks, you won't be able to buy them though, it was just Freeload's manufacturer showing off what they could do. I want some though!