Issue 41 of Spoke was posted out to subscribers yesterday and the Zinio copy is live now, so here is the video review of one of issue 41's test bikes, the 25th Anniversary Yeti 575. We'd dropped the text in the middle of the video, until we received a bunch of complaints, so the text is back and with a very fitting new song. You can read the full review in issue 41, a digital subscription is just $12 over on Zinio and that's a pretty cheap way to read a year's worth of Spoke.

If you don't like the look of this bike then there is something seriously wrong with you...

For the 25th anniversary model and the 2011 line there have been a number of changes to the 575, mostly out the back. ISCG tabs are now standard and the chain stays are now a stiffer boxier aluminium section. The carbon seat stays remain, but now you can run a 12 x 142 thru axle or a standard QR. Yeti's close relationship with Fox ensures a perfectly dialled rear shock (as always).

Yup, 25 years of bad ass bikes (and sweet welding too).

Up the front Yeti have gone to a tapered steerer for the 575, increasing the weld surface for the down tube and helping to stiffen things up a bit more. Honestly it would have to be one of the raddest looking head tubes we have seen!

And the fork!!! It's almost worth owning the bike just to get a Float in Yeti Turquoise!