Kelly "McMassive" McGarry takes 8th in Chatel

Kelly-Seb-Welly-2011-0004 No photos yet but the results are in; Kelly McGarry landed in eighth place at the Chatel Mountain Style event today. Now I checked this course out last year and if you think it looks big on video it looks way bigger in real life, that's why you're not seeing a whole tonne of tricks. Chatel is a BIG mountain freeride event! Anyhow the results are as follows. It was a pretty stacked field as far as big mountain riders go with Bearclaw, Gully, and Semenuk all in attendence so landing in eighth is a super solid result for the Ware... I mean Diamondback rider.

Results: 1 - Cam Zink 2 - Antoine Bizet 3 - Kurt Sorge 4 - Brandon Semenuk 5 - Kyle Strait 6 - Geoff Gullevich 7 - Darren Berrecloth 8 - Kelly McGarry 9 - Sam Pilgram 10 - Andreu Lacondeguy