womens moto

The X-Games are one of the most incredible sporting franchises in modern history in my opinion. They are a large factor in how action sports have become legitimized in popular culture. They might of made some mistakes along the way and forgotten to bring along their heroes with them when they dine out four star, but generally it's pretty impressive what they have done. When they dropped BMX Dirt a few years back I thought that was a huge mistake but this year they have got it all straightened out by introducing Women's Enduro Moto-X. Brilliant entertainment.

However, if you look through the schedule and calendar of the X-Games now you will see that a lot of 'traditional' action sports are being dropped in favor of motorized freak shows. As well as Women's Enduro Moto-X, there is Action Sports Celebrity Rally Racing, and a raft of moto-x weirdness which ranges from the straight oddness of FMX to the bone breaking gong show that is FMX Best Trick, to the Moto Highest Air comp. Is this a less than subtle message that the engine rules supreme and we should just keep consuming petroleum or is it just that the X-Games is simple entertainment and motors are what gets the audience excited? And does it matter that a lot of these events aren't actual sports and are just mindless, easily consumed TV slots?

But Women's Enduro Moto-X, really? Was it really necessary? Of course it was, it was entertaining like pointing and laughing at the new student getting wailed on by the school bully because you are just relieved it isn't you getting owned in front of everyone.