Wellington Underground Super D series: Maybe there was a second round, maybe not


Tonight nothing happened, no one timed anything, no one raced down barking emu, car parts extesion, carparts and the roller coaster. Ed Crossling didn't come first, Hadley didn't come second and brother Ryan didn't come third. If something had happened and some one timed it the results may have looked like this... but nothing happened and you never meet me... oh and I heard our more organised super d brethren in Nelson didn't race cos' of a little rain.

What round twos results would have looked like if the race had happened


Round 1 of the Wellington Underground Super D took place tonight, and the turnout was decidedly above ground. Jim took the increased numbers in his stride and by increased numbers were talking double the biggest round we'd ever had in the past. There were 53 men and six girls, which was awesome, because girls are awesome. The track was down the ECNZ road, onto Spoon Hill then the 491 Bypass, then Sean's track onto the family loop and then the end of Beeline, which some people choose not to ride and saved themselves a minute or more, but as Jono pointed out, cheaters only cheat themselves. It's not like we're from Nelson, we don't have rules. Casting our minds back, the first ever Underground Super D was won by a certain person who held onto a truck for extra speed, that's how we roll.

Oh and there's a new Super D rule, well we only have two. The first is that you can't change the bike you rode tonight for the rest of the series. The second rule (which got added tonight) is that if you didn't race tonight and your name is not on that list, you're shit out of luck if you want to enter another round. It's all full up, sorry...

Next Wednesday for round two meet at the top of Hawkins Hill by Barking Emu. Jim says the highest point is before the castle/dog/pink building, but no doubt you'll see people. Bring your pedalling legs cause it's gonna be a long one.

Anyway here's the results after round 1.




The country's longest running and most unorganised Super D series is back! Jim just fired the dates through and they are looking pretty rad, I've got my fingers crossed for a Barking Emu to Aro St race for the city round, any one want to second it? Leave questions and thoughts in the comments field...

The first round is Wednesday November 30, Wainuiomata 7 pm kickoff, meet ECNZ access road above the 4th pylon.

7 December, city somewhere. 14 December, Belmont. 21 December, Karori.