Chainguides are good, what is that...

Gary from NZO is now in the hardgoods business, he's just picked up these sweet single ring chain guides from Aussie company Widget. This is what the NZO website has to say:

"Widgits are Australian made, laser-cut stainless steel chainrings with replaceable alloy guides to convert your bike to a much simpler and more reliable thing. Multiple chainrings may seem to offer 27 or even 30 gear ratios, but the reality is that in practical terms you probably only get about 15, and at the high end they would almost never be used. Why cart around a shifter, cabling, a front derailleur, two chainrings and some chain you don't really need? Today's mountain bikers know that multiple chainrings have more drawbacks than benefits, but until now it's been very hard to find single rings small enough to give you the gear range you need for trail riding. Widgits solve this problem, coming in a range of sizes starting at 28. Easy to install, once fitted you have a lighter bike with nothing at the front end of your drivetrain that will need attention while you are riding or looking after your bike. The smaller sizes will also be great for 29er singlespeeds looking for more gearing options."

For more info or to buy one head over here. Oh, if you get my random title, you get a free Spoke tee shirt (just the first person that is).