Parts of the epic Kepler Track could open to bikes!

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The Queenstown MTB Club just sent out a newsletter that had this little nugget of info nestled halfway down with regards to bikes on the Kepler track! "We received some fantastic news from Andy Mcdonald the other week. Andy lives in Te Anau where there is currently not much legal singletrack to ride but there are hundreds of km’s of prime beech forest singletrack… to walk… including the epic Kelper Track which is a 60km loop from the shores of Lake Te Anau through beech forest and over spectacular alpine passes.

Apparently most of the Kepler Track would make a superb ride but some sections across the tops and one stair section would be unridable. Andy has been working with the local DoC and the idea of a new trail connecting the start and finish of the Kepler to make a 30km beech forest singetrack loop was born. DoC are into it, however the only problem is that it is in National Park meaning no mountain bikes….

DoC are keen to get the plan changed but they need to know that the MTB community are behind it to get it moving on a little quicker.

How you can help?

Show that you support the opportunity to have real mountain biking in the Fiordland National Park. Either by: Commenting on this article saying why it would be great. Email Andy at with a letter of support. Spread the word! All of the above!

Click here to see the DoC brochure for walking the whole track

Map of proposed trail. Blue is current track, red is proposed track