My first impression of the Fox Transition: I picked it up and wondered if my skull would be crushed upon crashing. It was so light I didn’t think it could withstand the ground smashing into my beautiful bonce. Oh how wrong I was. This sexy, lightweight but strong helmet just happens to be the best thing I have ever put on my head. Its good looks and sleek design are perfect for any pretty boy on a mountain bike or old guy trying to be hip. Whether shredding trails or chilling out in the mountains or your local dirt jumps, this helmet will protect the goodness between your ears––it can withstand one hell of a thrashing, be it slamming, rolling, bouncing or full-on impact. No matter if you’re an all-round rider or a specialised dirt jammer, the Fox Transition is definitely what you’re looking for. SIR ZACHARY HINES AND THE HONORABLE HENRY ROBERTS