Caleb: Yo, what’s up? Would you be cool to review that Easton Haven handlebar for this issue? Leif: You mean the Easton Havoc? Caleb: Oh, yeah. It would be dope if you could. Leif: How do you review a set of bars? Caleb: Huh... um... I have no idea, that’s why I figured it’s better if you do it. Leif: Great, thanks. Caleb: Why did you get them in the first place? Leif: Well, I had been running 710 mm wide bars for a while and wanted to try something a little wider. The Havocs are 750 mm wide. Caleb: Mint. Leif: Plus, I was keen to save a little weight if possible. Every gram counts, and the Havocs are one of only a few extra-wide bars available in carbon. Caleb: Word. What do they weigh in at? Leif: Only 235 grams. That’s almost 100 grams lighter than some aluminium bars of equivalent width. Caleb: Off the chain! Leif: What? Um, okay. Yeah, they seem pretty bulletproof too. They’re intended for downhill, so they should be sweet on all-mountain and trail bikes. Caleb: Are you happy with them? Leif: Yeah, they’re comfortable, look sweet, and I like the extra width—most of the time. I find I have to be a little mindful on some of the tighter tree-lined trails around Welly though. Trails like Rata Ridge. Caleb: They look the shiz! Leif: Yeah, there’s something about that carbon weave eh? Light, wide, strong and good-looking; they’ve got it goin’on! LEIF ROY