Bike NZ have a plan (Wellington is tonight)

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And if you don't race, or like racing, it doesn't include you. I'm not good at this kind of stuff, but from what I can see BikeNZ thinks that all adult mountain bikers should be club members and paying them money—I mean membership fees—for what we get. I mean, they get a new website, which won't be cheap. Oh we also get a centre for cycling to. I may be being a little cynical, but I'm not that excited. Have a read for yourself here and then let them know what you think. Hell you can even tell them in person as they're doing a few discussion evenings.

Tama Easton posted an interesting breakdown of BikeNZ's spending last year; its worth a look. You should also check out Mildy's open letter to mountain bikers. I know getting to Petone at 6pm will be hard but it could be worth it. It's at Pelorus House, by the roundabout in Seaview.

Monday 19th March - Auckland Tuesday 20th March - Cambridge Wednesday 21st March - Napier Thursday 22nd March - Wellington Monday 26th March - Nelson Tuesday 27th March - Christchurch Wednesday 28th March - Dunedin Thursday 29th March - Queenstown Monday 2nd April - Wanganui

If you're keen on going let them know here.