Would you pay to ride a public MTB park?

Last night was the Wellington leg of the BikeNZ Bike Plan road show. Forty or so people showed up to hear what they had to say which was pretty much what we all expected. But when I asked, "If you don't want to join a club but want to support national advocacy and trail development, how do you fit in?" I got an interesting answer. They want to implement a Trail Pass. A what? A Trail Pass where you pay an annual fee, like $20, to BikeNZ and they funnel that money back to the trail builders and trail building training. It wouldn't be compulsory but they would encourage non trail builders to pay up. The whole campagin would be based on guilt, which it should be, and then I'm guessing unless you read the one magazine that they support you wouldnt know about it. But I'm interested to know if you'd be happy to pay $20 to ride at Wainui, Rotorua or Makara Peak (or any other public park).

And I know what you're all thinking, but BikeNZ promised they would make sure 100% of the money found its way back to the trails and not to track cycling!