SRAM launch XX1 and an 11 speed cassette


SRAM have a plan. From a marketing perspective it's a good one, I mean they could have told us all about their new XX1 drivetrain when they dropped the Type Two derailleur the other day. But why do it all at once when they can drag it out over a few months? Okay so I'd heard rumblings of the XX1 thing for a while, Jon from SRAM and Jerome Clementz both told me they were working on something with a far more Enduro focus. The 1 in XX1 obviously refers to one ring up front, but what SRAM have done is create an 11 speed system that covers every gear a strong enduro rider needs.

Look at the size of that ring! An insider also has mentioned to Spoke something about including the numbers 4 and 2 and 10, but SRAM are being tight-lipped about the whole thing until the Les Deux Alps Crankworx event in July. It sure brings up the phrase dinner plate.

After spending quite a bit of time riding with Jon from SRAM Blackbox and his prototype Type 2 rear mech one thing stood out; (well, other than how quiet it all was) Jon never dropped a chain, not once, with no chain guide. As you can see this 32t front ring looks a little different. Just how special it is we will have to wait and see. All the press release says is "Innovative chain management technology including TYPE 2".

We will have everything on July 9th (ish).

Well, well, well, while everyone else is speculating bring the knowledge and have the full lowdown here.

New 1X MTB drivetrain Designed for Enduro and XC racing Innovative chain management technology including TYPE 2 Grip Shift and trigger shifter Widest range cassette available