Where the Trail Ends full trailer! WATCH IT NOW

http://youtu.be/MZUsc1ewgUQ Um... holy shit. Really, those are the only two words needed to describe the full length trailer for Where the Trail Ends. I must admit I was a little surprised to see it so soon, but I'm guessing with its release less than a month away and the teaser only clocking in just over 100,000 views their goal of getting 1 million views on the teaser may have been a bit ambitious. But I'd say that the the full four minute trailer might just get to million. I mean if a Nike ad that blatantly flaunts a ban on advertising mentioning London during the Olympic games can get over three million in a matter of days...

The productions values on Where the Trail Ends are going to be through the roof! In an interview I read the other day, the sound is being edited right now at the George Lucas Skywalker Ranch, not to mention the use of 4k, 5k and 6k cameras and then of course there's the obligatory helicopter filming riding shots. In the post-That's It That's All and Art of Flight world we live in, a big budget action sports film wouldn't be complete without a few of those.

Cynicism aside this is going to be one amazing film. And I seriously can't wait, in fact I'm counting the days!