Ten things you didn't know about your wheels

1- 29ers were originally held back by bad frame design, but mainly tyre choice. That all changed when John Deer Tractors let bike shops open trade accounts.

2- Physics will stop your 29er wheels from being able to go around a corner that is tighter than 80 degrees. It's the same physics that apply to vampires not being able to go into a house that they are not invited into.

3- Pump tracks are actually the braking bumps of 29er wheels.

4- Your 26ers have actually never worked, in fact they are broken.

5- All this time you have been going nowhere fast on your 26ers.

6- Every time you ride a 26er, the magic starts and bumps and roots and holes come to life and will swallow your wheels. The funny thing is, it's only started happening in the last four years or so.

7- 650bs don't exist. It's all a myth. Have you ever seen one, apart from in magazines or the Internet?

8- The more people talk about how good 650b should ride, the better they will. At the rate we talk about them Boeing airplanes will be fitting them to 787s and they won't need wings!

9- It's dangerous riding 650b, the three bears are after you.

10- 650b is proof you can reinvent the wheel.... for a second time.