Best $100 investment for your bike?

Gareth 2

Gareth Hargreaves is a man on a mission. Well, a mission to make the best trail-building tool ever. I recently got hold of one of these puppies, and was so impressed on all accounts, I had to find out more...

Who is Gareth Hargreaves?

First two wheeler was a red ‘Little Rascal’ when I was 3 or 4, then Healing Sixteen, Morrison Viper and finally saw the light and became a mountain biker. On various brands of mountain bike for 25 years, trail builder for 7 (mainly the Snakes n Ladders network at Whare Flat, Dunedin), just became a dad to an awesome wee girl, a rider not to cut up on the road (not violent but I wear a GoPro and will stand up for my rights) and recently president of Mountainbiking Otago.

How did the idea come about to create the trail tool?

Got sick of hauling heaps of tools around the trails. Did the Google thing but couldn’t find anything readily available here for a reasonable price. Found some ‘inspiration’ from the Canadian fire rake. Got some heads lazer cut three years ago, learnt how to weld and have been fettling with design since.

Pricing seems pretty decent for a handmade tool; you can’t be in it for your retirement fund?

I wanted them to be a reasonable price so we, the riders, would get more trails to ride.

How many have you sold so far?

About 45. I'm just getting a bunch made so I have some in stock to save delays. (You caught me just as things ran out.)

If people need one in their life how do they get in touch? is probably the best. I’ll be setting up a paypal account soon to ease payment hassles.

Photos courtesy of Derek Morrison