Spoke 50 Out Now

Happy Birthday to us! Spoke has turned 50. Well, just over twelve in years but 50 in issues. And it's cause for celebration! In this special issue we take a look back at where we've come from, the people who made it possible, and some of our favourite moments along the way. Yeah, we're kinda chuffed with the story so far...

Of course, we don't want to sing our own praises too much, so the issue is filled with the usual tales of the best trails, interesting people and the part that mountain biking plays in all our lives. Whether you're celebrating forthcoming nuptials with your best mates, digging new tracks for everyone to enjoy, or traversing the wilderness and discovering nature's beauty, mountain biking provides the means. And Spoke provides mountain biking.

The Ground Effect crew put together a sweet weekend of trail digging, riding, eating and drinking late last year, and we got down to Craigieburn to lend a hand (mainly with the eating and drinking).

After the hijinks of the Wide Open product launch, a bit of a hangover cure was needed so it was off to Waihaha for a taste of some backcountry trails surprisingly close to civilisation.

Why would you bother to go to a strip club, get tied up to a bus shelter naked and not even remember any of it when you could spend a weekend riding with a bunch of your best mates for your stag do? This way, at least you can still make the groom wear a dress.

Norway must be one of the most scenic places int he world to ride a mountain bike, judging by the incredible photos and words brought to us by Tobias and Matthias in this feature. And they grow pretty good strawberries too, apparently. What more do you need?

You need Issue 50, and  it's out now in our webshop, on Zinio, and of course on good old paper.