The New GT Sensor



So the previous post on the Force covers a bunch of stuff that's common on the Sensor that we don't really need to go over again. I mean they both share very similar silhouettes and the same Angle Optimized Suspension and Path Link. The real difference between these two very similar bikes is the fact that one is aimed at people that like to go down slightly more than the other, but after riding the Sensor yesterday I can assure you it most definitely likes to go down.


The key difference is obviously the travel, with the Sensor sporting 130mm front and rear (the Force rocks 150mm), and with that there a few more changes made for the sake of weight and really just the intended application of the Sensor. 34mm stanchions are gone in favour of a lighter 32mm, the width of the bars has shrunk from 760 on the Force to a still respectable 740mm (although I did find them a little narrow yesterday) and the stem gets a little extra length and moves out to 80mm. Luckily, internally routed dropper posts still come on all but one model as well.

With the long top tube and wheelbase that these new GTs sport you shouldnt need to change the setup at all, but I personally found the 80mm stem a tad on the long side and rode yesterday with a 50mm (which was perfect. Apart from that, everything else on the bike is spot on. Hopping on the 32s for the first time though I was initially worried, but it's a fear that's purely based on my week psychological state (looking down on what look like skinny little things it took me a while to trust the forks). I rode them hard on some pretty rough trails yesterday and they performed exceptionally well and I think you would have to be pushing the Sensor pretty dam hard to find the limit... (plus if you were, you should be riding the Force).G14_650M_SensorAL_PRO_BLU_Hero

Oh and unlike the Force which only comes in carbon, the Sensor comes in three carbon models, the Team, Pro, and Expert plus four alloy models, the Pro (pictured above in a rather fetching Blue), Expert and the Elite as well as a pretty dope Hans Rey Special Edition (more on that later).

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 5.55.11 PM

For the full PDF on spec for the Sensor models click here