SRAM XO1 is here. Officially and with NZ pricing!


SRAM_MTB_X01_PR_v04_130801-1 With all the OE spec appearing on bikes recently 99% of the magazines out there thought they had the scoop on the new X01 groupset. Well as of today we all like the butt of a good joke as the actual aftermarket verson of X0 1 is officially announced. From the sneak peak we brought you the other day there aren't any real big changes apart from the fact that the cranks aren't alloy; they will in fact be carbon fibre and as you can see from all the pictures below they will be available on black and red. Well the whole groupset is available in either black or red which is pretty cool.

Actually there are a couple of other key differences and firstly and most importantly is the price. Where a XX1 group set retails in New Zealand for $1913 (without chain ring) the X01 group set will be $1732 (without chain ring) for the GXP model and the $1791 (without chain ring) for the BB30. The big difference is the XO1 has a different BCD to that of XX1 meaning that the chain rings between the two drivetrains aren't interchangeable. Why is that a big deal? Well as you will see below the X01 doesn't offer a 28T ring whereas the XX1 does. But really who wants to run a 28-42 anyway? Rod Bardsley maybe, but he's getting on a bit.

It will be arriving in NZ stores in the first week of September. It might pay to pre order with your local dealer to secure your set, as I know the XX1 groups sold immediately when they arrived.

Anyhow the full press release is below and individual NZ component prices as well.

ONE. AND ONLY. SRAM 1X™ is the only one you need: less weight, better chain control and the ability to sync up with any riding style. Our 1X drivetrain philosophy focuses on optimizing how components work together—crank to ring, tooth to chain, shifter to derailleur, derailleur to cassette, and cassette to wheel. No matter where you ride, no matter what you’re up against, SRAM 1X takes you further.

SINGLE-MINDED PURSUIT Building the next generation of single chain ring drivetrains takes more than a few well-made components—it takes components made perfectly for each other. The result: flawless chain management, lower weight and faster, more precise shifting. The same spider works with all 6 ring sizes for faster gear tuning. The teeth on each ring of the crankset use X-SYNC™ design to hold the chain better. The X-HORIZON™ Rear Derailleur stops chain slap and ghost shifting. And the 11-speed, 10- to 42-tooth ¬X-DOME™ Cassette keeps each gear step exactly even.

ALL FOR ONE The SRAM X01 drivetrain carries on the tradition of SRAM’s championship-winning 1X™ philosophy—all the way down the mountain. The setup is simpler. The drivetrain is lighter. And the shifting is fast and solid. Bottom line: X01 is the right one for any terrain, every time. RELENTLESS.


X01 Crankset • New patented X-SYNC™ tooth profile provides maximum chain control • Carbon arms with forged aluminum spider • Chainring guard option • New spider design allows for easier ring changes • CNC- X-SYNC™ machined rings (30-32-34-36-38 ) • Colors: Red and Black • Weight: 655g (with BB) • Technologies: BB30, GXP, X-SYNC™ • NZ RRP: $415


X01 X-HORIZON™ Rear Derailleur • Large upper pulley offset automatically adjusts chain gap • X-HORIZON™ design reduces shift force and ghost shifting • 12-tooth X-SYNC™ pulley wheels • TYPE 2 technologies: ROLLING BEARING CLUTCH™ and CAGE LOCK™ • Carbon cage • Sealed cartridge bearings • Colors: Red and Black • Weight: 252g • Technologies: X-ACTUATION™, X-HORIZON™, X-SYNC™, ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™, CAGE LOCK™ • NZ RRP: $400


X01 Trigger Shifter • SRAM 1X™ X-ACTUATION™ for precise and dependable 11-speed performance • Zero Loss Engagement for fastest shifting • Multi-adjustable trigger shifter • MatchMaker X compatible • Aluminum cover and adjustable forged aluminum pull lever • Includes discrete clamp • Colors: Red and Black • Weight: 91g • Technologies: X-ACTUATION™, ZERO LOSS, MatchMaker X Integrated • NZ RRP: $207


X01 Grip Shift • SRAM 1X™ X-ACTUATION™ for precise and dependable 11-speed performance • SPEED METAL™ shift indexing • ROLLING THUNDER™ ball bearing technology • JAWS™ lock-on grip technology • Aluminum cover • Includes lock-on grips • Colors: Red and Black • Weight: 143g (clamps, cable and JAWS™ lock-on grip • Technologies: JAWS™, ROLLING THUNDER™, SPEED METAL™, X-ACTUATION™ • NZ RRP: $192

SRAM_MTB_X01_Cassette_md X01 XG-1195 Cassette • Unique finish for high durability • 11-speeds (10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-42) • XD™ Driver Body creates more stable hub connection • Optimized Gear steps across entire range • Weight: 275g • Technologies: X-DOME™, XD™ DRIVER BODY • NZ RRP: $562

XD™ Driver Body • Driver body design that lets riders tap the power and range of the SRAM 10-42 11-speed Cassette and a 10-tooth small cog • Provides a more stable hub connection • XD™ Driver Body is 6-8g lighter


X01 PC-XX1 Chain • New 1X™ specific chain • HARD CHROME™ technology for maximum strength and wear resistance • Proprietary link finish provides improved life span • 11-speed power lock • Technologies: X-SYNC™, HARD CHROME™ • NZ RRP: $91