Shops vs Internet vs Customers

Chicken and the Egg

"Hey Mate! Check out all the parts I got for my bike from the internet! My bike is going to look pimp. That local bike shop is ripping us off, I bought all of these parts for nearly half the price they quoted me on. I just wish I knew how to fit them all, then I wouldn’t even need them anymore!”

“Hey Mate! Have you checked out the local bike shop lately? It’s gone bust! I needed a tube for my ride and it’s gone! The local race series is cancelled because they sponsored and organised it. Not only that, the local trail building is taking a backwards step too, because they were going to all the council meetings and talking to the local Park Ranger. I just wish I knew how much we needed them.”

“Hey Bro! What mid-nineties dream are you living in? My local shop hasn’t done any of that for years. My local race series is organised by a local wholesaler and that wheel demo we both went along to was by another one. The local trail building is done by the club and won’t be affected in my area. Besides; Jimmy opened up a service centre where he can fix our bikes and either sell you new parts or fit the ones you got off the internet. I think the days of the shop are gone.”