Pureora Forest Park in danger from mining!


Lester Perry, John Oldale, Rod Bardsley and Hoz Barclay, Pureora Forest So I'm not massively political and I definitely don't condone the use of this website to push political party agendas, but I couldn't not post up this bulk email from Green party leader Rusty Norman, about the future of Pureora Forest park. Spoke has done a tonne of riding in the forest and ignoring the cycle trail, it's a fricken amazing place to ride. So read on and get submitting, we can not let this happen!

Kia ora

I wish you could have been with me last week when I visited Pureora Forest Park so that you could have experienced the awe of standing beneath an ancient totara dripping with moss and vines.

Pureora Forest Park is under threat from mining activity, and needs your urgent help.

We have until May 8 to save these majestic totara which are so ancient, they were centuries old even before Maori first stepped foot in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Energy Minister Simon Bridges has proposed mineral exploration permits over 8,040 km2 of the central North Island, including 96 percent of Pureora Forest Park. If permits are granted in Pureora, the sound of drilling rigs could drown out the haunting call of the endangered kokako that live there.

If you don't want to see drilling rigs in Pureora, send an email to the Minister of Energy now.

Since I wasn't able to take you with me to Pureora, I've made this video to bring you the flittering fantails and the skittering robins which live amongst the towering totara. I hope the history and beauty of Pureora inspire you to take action to save it.


On May 9, Simon Bridges will announce the permits he has granted. Help make sure none are in Pureora Forest Park.

Thank you,