Incoming: Buzzword specific knee pads from Fox


fox-pads-front-woodI thought I'd scoured the 2014 Fox Head catalogue thoroughly, both in print and on the web, and I don't know how I missed these rad little numbers. I don't condone the use of the word "Enduro" in their name but the Fox Launch Enduro Knee Pad definitely got us excited in the office and fighting over who would test them. Now there's no hard shell in these pads and they aren't going to offer the same level of protection as Fox's Launch Pro which has a solid knee cup, but their lightness and their flexibility is next level, I mean they're like knee warmers with padding.


Even without this lightweight stretch panel the pad is svelte on the back and just asks to be worn ALL day.

fox-pads-grippersAs you can see, the pad is strapless and relies on this rubberised strip to hold it up. After the pad's first ride yesterday we can tell you it works for a couple of hours. We'll be busting out some longer rides but early indications would say that it ain't going to move. fox-pads-frontSomeone at Fox seems knows about Twat Gap™ and has added plenty of fabric to top of the pad to ensure no unsightly flesh will be seen on the trail.

fox-pads-shorts See, no Twat Gap™! fox-pads-back Here's a look at the rear of the pads on. It's a little pornographic I know, but you get the idea. These are some fricken comfy pads and they are in your local shop NOW!

fox-glovesAnd I've been looking for some gloves to colour co-ordinate with my orange Fox Attack Q4 shorts and the latest incarnation of the Fox Ranger fits the bill nicely. It's been a while since I've rocked Fox gloves and I kind of forgot how dialled they are; fit is perfect and the retention is solid but low key and almost feels like a Velcro-less pull-on glove. fox-gloves-ranger fox-gloves-fingers

I kind of prefer one-piece palms but these are pretty minimal and after an initial spin they feel pretty clean and while the extra padding on the palm is barely noticeable on the bar, I'm sure if I eat shit I'll be grateful. fox-gloves-details